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Oligocene Formation refers to a time period of 25 to 35 million years ago. Current day mammals related to that time were small and evolved to a present, larger size. Most larger mammals of that time became extinct along with others that did not survive.

A great view of what is called the White River Badlands. A geologic formation dated
at 35 million years ago.

These eroded formations contain Oligocene fossils dated at 35 millions years ago.

More viewing of the White River Badlands which consists of a hard limestone deposit, but with rains becomes soft and erodes quickly.

A great view of an eroding cliff possibly yielding a new find of fossils.

Birds make use of a protected cliff area creating
their hardend mud nests.

A well preserved skull of an oreodont
visible to the eye.

Careful work to expose more of the oreodont skull reveals its skeletal remains
trapped with it.

Oreodont Skeleton

Four turtles in rock.


Turtles, turtle skull and Rhino leg

Oreodont skulls
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meteorites | fossils | oligocene | cretaceous | china | art | location | bio