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Charlie Snell began digging for "rocks" as a child with an older geologist friend named Mr. Palmer. This became a full-time hobby for Charlie, and after years of digging and learning, it turned into a way of life.

Being out in the field is Charlie's desired place to be. The Gallery shows signs of that everywhere. Much of this collecting has taken him to other countries.

In recent years Charlie has made several trips to YunNan Province in southern China. He and three Chinese nationals leased 30 acres of land with four hot springs and several freshwater springs. There is great potential for developing. Just below is a small village with a 400 year old history. The land is 4 miles from one of Yunnan's largest Jurassic dinosaur sites.

While Dinosaurs & More started with many of Charlie's own finds, the network of people Charlie has culitvated over the years now bring him some of the most amazing finds from all over the world.

His goal is to establish a museum of Natural History, Science and Art for children from his collecting/collections.




| fossils | oligocene | cretaceous
| china | art | location | bio

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